Monday, December 15, 2008

Betty Page, fellow lingerie lover, has passed.

Bettie Page, the 1950s secretary-turned-model whose controversial photographs in skimpy attire or none at all helped set the stage for the 1960s sexual revolution, died Thursday. She was 85.

Page suffered a heart attack last week in Los Angeles and never regained consciousness, her agent Mark Roesler said. Before the heart attack, Page had been hospitalized for three weeks with pneumonia.

Page, who was also known as Betty, attracted national attention with magazine photographs of her sensuous figure in bikinis and see-through lingerie that were quickly tacked up on walls in military barracks, garages and elsewhere, where they remained for years.
Her photos included a centerfold in the January 1955 issue of then-fledgling Playboy magazine, as well as controversial sadomasochistic poses. The latter helped contribute to her mysterious disappearance from the public eye, which lasted decades and included years during which she battled mental illness and became a born-again Christian.

After resurfacing in the 1990s, she occasionally granted interviews but refused to allow her picture to be taken. "I don't want to be photographed in my old age," she told an interviewer in 1998. "I feel the same way with old movie stars. ... It makes me sad. We want to remember them when they were young."

The 21st century indeed had people remembering her just as she was. She became the subject of songs, biographies, Web sites, comic books, movies and documentaries. A new generation of fans bought thousands of copies of her photos, and some feminists hailed her as a pioneer of women's liberation. Gretchen Mol portrayed her in 2005's "The Notorious Bettie Page" and Paige Richards had the role in 2004's "Bettie Page: Dark Angel." Page herself took part in the 1998 documentary "Betty Page: Pinup Queen."

Her career began one day in October 1950 when she took a respite from her job as a secretary in a New York office for a walk along the beach at Coney Island. An amateur photographer named Jerry Tibbs admired the 27-year-old's firm, curvy body and asked her to pose.

Looking back on the career that followed, she told Playboy in 1998, "I never thought it was shameful. I felt normal. It's just that it was much better than pounding a typewriter eight hours a day, which gets monotonous." Nudity didn't bother her, she said, explaining: "God approves of nudity. Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, they were naked as jaybirds."

In 1951, Page fell under the influence of a photographer and his sister who specialized in S&M. They cut her hair into the dark bangs that became her signature and posed her in spiked heels and little else. She was photographed with a whip in her hand, and in one session she was spread-eagled between two trees, her feet dangling. "I thought my arms and legs would come out of their sockets," she said later. Moralists denounced the photos as perversion, and Sen. Estes Kefauver of Tennessee, Page's home state, launched a congressional investigation.

Page quickly retreated from public view, later saying she was hounded by federal agents who waved her nude photos in her face. She also said she believed that, at age 34, her days as "the girl with the perfect figure" were nearly over. She moved to Florida in 1957 and married a much younger man, as an early marriage to her high school sweetheart had ended in divorce. Her second marriage also failed, as did a third, and she suffered a nervous breakdown.

Life grew more turbulent in later years. In 1959, she was lying on a sea wall in Key West when she saw a church with a white neon cross on top. She walked inside and became a born-again Christian. After attending Bible school, she wanted to serve as a missionary but was turned down because she had been divorced. Instead, she worked full-time for evangelist Billy Graham's ministry.

A move to Southern California in 1979 brought more troubles. She was arrested after an altercation with her landlady, and doctors who examined her determined she had acute schizophrenia. She spent 20 months in a state mental hospital in San Bernardino. A fight with another landlord resulted in her arrest, but she was found not guilty because of insanity. She was placed under state supervision for eight years.

"She had a very turbulent life," Todd Mueller, a family friend and autograph seller, told The Associated Press on Thursday. "She had a temper to her." Mueller said he first met Page after tracking her down in the 1990s and persuaded her to do an autograph signing event.
He said she was a hit and sold about 3,000 autographs, usually for $200 to $300 each. "Eleanor Roosevelt, we got $40 to $50. ... Bettie Page outsells them all," he told The AP last week.
Born April 22, 1923, in Nashville, Tenn., Page said she grew up in a family so poor "we were lucky to get an orange in our Christmas stockings."

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Dear Betty,

I picked out something from the boutique that I thought you would like. I picked this out because it is black and the style has a bit of a retro feel. The flocked dots and the skirted garter belt are what makes it perfect for a pin-up queen.

Betsey Johnson Flocked Dot

I also thought you would know what to do with these.

Madam V Tassels

You will be missed,

Life is short. Wear pretty underwear.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Princesse Tam Tam founders killed in Mumbai would like to express our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Princesse Tam Tam owners Loumia Hiridjee and her husband Mourad Amarsy.

Blind violence leaves everyone with a sense of emptiness, and we were geniunly shocked by the news that Loumia and her husband were amongst the people killed in the Mumbai terrorist attacks. Hiridjee and her husband were dining at the Oberoi Trident hotel where they were shot and killed by terrorist forces.

Life is short. Wear pretty underwear.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Something Red from an online lingerie boutique... bras, panties, and more

Something Red. It is all part of the holiday Christmas Spirit, isn’t it? Sometimes we can obsess over the perfect color red other times it doesn’t matter. I think it is funny that red is just so seasonal. In the month of May, would you seek out a red bra and panty set? Well we at embrace it. We have even made a whole section of lingerie where you can shop all the red items we have in one place.
This little number is one of the sweetest and it has the details that make it special. It is from Sista Shei. There is a toile print in a soft purple shade. The accent of red in the ruffles is a great contrast to the print.
The bra is a mini bustier, which basically just means that it has a wider band and there are 4 hooks in the back.

Life is short. Wear pretty underwear.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sexy Satin Bra and Pantie set from

Legendary French lingerie line lejaby newest arrival is Crystal. It is the perfect blend of textures with shiny satin and soft, delicate lace with touches of crystal sparkle in the center.

There are two styles, the demi cup uplift and a full cup bra. There are also two colors classic sexy black and a fuschia with is a bit on the purple side. Lejaby bras are known for a great fit on top of amazing style.

It is also really fun when the panty is just as pretty as the bra. This set has a tanga is so sexy, not quite a thong and not really a bikini. There is also a really pretty bikini style panty too.

Lejaby Crystal Tanga

When you want that classic, sexy look that also feels so great on, Lejaby Crystal is a perfect pick.

Life is short. Wear pretty underwear.

Monday, October 27, 2008

With OnGossamer, it takes one to Tango. New OnGossamer Modern Tango bra and skirt panty!

The Modern Tango set from OnGossamer is one of those sets that make you wish you could wear your underwear out. It is just so fun and makes you feel special.
Black lace against the skin is one of the sexiest looks there is. Which is probably why they thought that tango, one of the sexiest dances, would be a good name for it.
This set allows you to highlight the pretty lace even more with the skirted thong. The lace also shows against the skin on the bra too.
Life is short. Wear pretty underwear.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Perfect gift for a Sushi lover--pajamas from PJ Salvage!

PJ Salvage Azuki Thermal Pajamas

Top $44 and pants $48 sold separately

Eating sushi any chance I can is one of my guilty pleasures. There are just so many fun rolls and creations to choose from. I thought my love of sushi was limited by just eating and savoring it. Not so, one of our latest arrivals at is so adorable and comfortable, I wish people could feel through their computer screen. PJ Salvage has great pajamas. There is no dought about that. But you know that the ladies at picked the coolest styles that just made us smile. We hope that they make you smile. Because, going to sleep with a smile on your face is one step in the right direction to waking up with one.

What is love about this set…
-Good Thermal. I think we remember in the 90s when thermal shirts were everywhere. They were thick and felt like they left an imprint in your skin. I wasn’t a big fan. Now these pj’s are the softest thermal with smaller waffle patterns.

-Low rise on the pajama pants. The fit is superb. It is exactly what you want for sitting on the couch to watch a movie and will keep you comfortable while you sleep.

-Sushi print! There are little sushi rolls all over the pants. They are the best.Anybody how loves sushi will live in these.

Life is short. Wear pretty underwear.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Free People Mixed Media

Free People is one of my new favorite brands at! They are so soft and comfortable and all the Free People pieces have that unique styling that make them feel like they are a one-of-a-kind piece. I especially like the peach colored silk chiffon thong that just came in. This little low rise thong has gold threaded elastic waistband trimmed in a bit of ivory lace. So modern, so vintage. (Silk undies are my new obsession!) Free People Mixed Media Camisole and matching string thong(offered in three different colors) is super soft stretchy cotton covered in lines of ribbons and rick-rack and ruffles.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Does Rachel Zoe also pick out their bras and panties?

Does Rachel Zoe also pick out her clients lingerie? I know it is a weird question, but I am just wondering. If a person needs the assistance of a professional to shop for them because of a lack of time and perhaps even a lack in sense of style, then how do they know what to wear under the blouse?
She must have a place where she gets Chantelle bras for her clients.

I know that most of the products at are not the basics that people wear as an after thought. If you are shopping at Gigi's, you know how to have fun with fashion and with lingerie. And, if your lingerie drawer is anything like mine, they are all treasures with special details that remind me why the love affair continues. Could you imagine someone else picking out your intimate wardrobe? A gift from the hubby or boyfriend every now and then is always appreciated, but there is a reason why they are called intimates, right?

But when it comes to the world of make believe in TV, it would be really fun to pick items out. When I watch shows like Desperate Housewives and would love to be a stylist and the store to provide the pretty lingerie.

Life is short. Wear pretty underwear.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Huit Lingerie uses Liberty of london fabrics on their bras and panties, It's You

Huit is a brand that is a true boutique favorite. You can count on their bras and panties to be beautiful and full of the special details that draw ine in at first. When you try it on is when you realize that there is really sustance to this French lingerie line. The fit is perfect and you can wear it in comfort all day. One thing I noticed, the straps are really soft.

So, the latest arrival from Huit is "It's You". It has the same bra style, C8, as the wildly popular Kiss Me balconet. Huit used the famous Liberty of London fabrics on this group. The fabrics aren't just beautiful but so soft. I was pleased to see that it was just hype and that the fabric is really anoth special detail.

What is Linerty of London fabrics? We wanted to know too. Here is a little scoop.

The Liberty of London Fabric store was started by Arthur Liberty in the mid 1800's, and soon became known for fine quality in ornaments, fabrics, and other decorative items imported from countries around the world. He applied the styles of the East to English fabrics that became popular choices for clothing and home furnishings.

Mr. Liberty always believed he could change the look of fashion and he did, becoming an important influence in the Art Nouveau movement, so much so that his style became known as Liberty Style. He introduced delicate and subtle shades to his fabrics, which became known as Liberty Colors. His presence is still reflected in many of the luxury sewing items and furnishings used today.
Liberty of London fabric designs are famous for smaller prints and beautiful hand-block printed materials, manufactured in cottons, silks, velvets and wools. Liberty of London Fabric continues to be known for beauty, luxury and uniqueness at a reasonable cost.

Interested in buying or just checking this set out?
Click here...Huit It's You
Balconet Bra: $95
String Thong: $45
Boyleg Panty: $55

Life is short. Wear pretty underwear.

Monday, September 29, 2008

15% off on pretty bras and lingerie

Just a quick note. We are having a sale on whare you can save 15% on everything. Use promo code "15sale".

Looking to treat yourself with something that will make you feel great? Buy yourself some pretty, special underwear. You deserve it.

Pretty bras and lingerie are you waiting for you at

Check out our new arrivals. You get the best size selection that way.

Life is short. Wear pretty underwear.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Carol Malony! Hope Chest is a Treasure

Carol Malony’s Hope Chest mixes luxurious silk chiffon and the sheerest vintage lace with a modern flare. Blue silk chiffon, delicate ivory lace and a dash of fluorescent yellow propels this vintage look into the here and now. Ruffled bridal tulle lines the edge of the crystal scattered sheer contour cups. Hope Chest boasts the most beautiful garter belt that we’ll see for a long time. Cornflower blue silk covered adjustable garters with edgy hot yellow satin clip covers are adorned with delicate lace skirt trimmed in ruffled bridal tulle. An equally gorgeous string thong matches the group. Enjoy!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Seduction is Thy Name: Mimi Holliday

How sublime! Silk undies! Mimi Holliday, the newest addition to, is so decadently luxurious. Gorgeously red hot, Mimi Holliday’s Polka Petrus Balcony Bra and Bow Thong is decorated in polka dotted silk chiffon complemented with silk satin and organza bows. This foam cup demi bra is lined in red and cream chiffon. And the Bow Thong, Damaris and Mimi Holliday’s most guarded trademark, is just barely a thong with a Brazilian style back, you’re left to your own devices to tie the silk satin sash into a sweet bow. The Timberwolf collection in gold lace and taupe silk satin features a three part bra cup; lined bottom half, lace top and reinforced side sling. This sexy and voluptuous silhouette is unmatched on this side of the pond and its matching bikini and thong are so sexy; sheer and skimpy, soft and comfy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yoohoo! Lulu!

Ooh, la, la! Jezebel's coming on strong with this Fall's newest and most exciting style, Lulu. Frilly French Maid style in pleated voile is trimmed in diamond scalloped lace with adorable bow designs. The sexy demicup bra has foam cups lined in pleated voile and topped off with lace and frills. There is a matching garter belt, little skirt(an absolute must have), thong and boyshort panty.This group is moving lightning fast, so grab hold of it ASAP!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Laundress Rules Swim, Baby and Lingerie

Have you fallen in love with The Laundress yet? Totally natural, totally organic specialty laundry detergents help your lingerie and other delicates last longer and retain their gorgeousness through every wash cycle. The newest addition to Gigi's Closet is The Laundress Baby Detergent and The Laundress Swimwear Care Laundry Detergent. Specially formulated for baby stains and baby skin, Baby Detergent also has optical brighteners and color guard to get the most out of those lil' rompers. Swimwear Care babies your favorite suit through every wash, retaining its fit, color and fabulousness.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Get to Know: Aubade Lingerie

By far, one of the most in demand lingerie brands there is, especially at, Aubade lingerie combines exclusive laces with impeccably well-fitting and comfortable styles. Over a century old, Aubade lingerie began with corsets and in the 50’s and 60’s propelled lingerie into the world of seduction.
With a strong legacy with many firsts, Aubade lingerie is credited with the invention of the strapless bra, the thong and tanga, and the first brand to illuminate lingerie with color!

Other than being the most beautiful lingerie pieces out there, Aubade lingerie is by far the most comfortable and your Aubade bra and panty sets will quickly become your favorites. No less than 15 different fabrics go in each Aubade bra. From little embellishments like Swarovski crystals, to jersey lined satin bra straps that feel like butter, Aubade puts our all the stops in their lingerie.
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Shop Aubade Lingerie Collections

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Get to Know: Betsey Johnson Lingerie

With her signature prints that make each piece unmistakably Betsey like Betsey Cheetah and Rosebud motifs, Betsey Johnson Lingerie has brought fun and whimsy into our lingerie drawers. An icon in American Fashion, everything you’ve come to expect from Betsey Johnson is in every lingerie piece that bears her name. Betsey Johnson Lingerie is always wildly fun and flirty, like here fabulously retro babydolls covered in wild rose floral prints and unique panty styles like the “Cheekini” boyshort panty and “Eyelet Lace” side string bikini with elastic gathering that makes it the sexiest bikini there is.

Find out more and shop for Betsey Johnson Lingerie at!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

$5 Flat Rate Shipping Every Day!

There has been so many great new changes and improvements here at! One of the biggest and best changes we made is our $5 flat rate standard shipping every day! How exciting, right?
There's lots of new pages and links, including our brand new Lookbook, New Arrivals, shop DD+, and check out what's happening in Gigi's world in le Boudoir.
And there's lots more where that came from! Stop by and check it out!

Monday, July 14, 2008

More, more, more! Goddess Lingerie

Ahh. We feel so fresh and replenished here at because we just received more Goddess Smooth Merrywidow Bustier for Bridal and special occasion wear. Comfortable and supportive, this Bridal Bustier from Goddess is one of the best longline corsets you can get. Made to fit the fuller figure, this special piece doesnt pinch or bunch and holds you in place all night!

New Lejaby at Gigis Closet

Hot, Hot, Hot! off the presses! The newest addition to, literally five minutes ago!) is so Springy, so gorgeous Violette Coquette from Lejaby. Pretty purple scattered in pansies is perfectly sweet and perfectly sexy. Lejaby’s Half Cup Bra is lightly lined with foam cups in demicup silhouette with a plunging neckline. Printed stretch lace is embroidered with tiny violets all along the edges of each piece. The Lilac colored bra straps really set off the beautiful subtle tones in the flowery motif. Did you notice the cute little rosettes sitting on each bra strap? Larger ones are anchored in the center of the bra sitting on a fresh green ribbon bow.

New Aubade! Black and White and Sexy All Over!

New Spring styles are arriving every day at and I was the most excited about Aubade's new color for Bahia . Black and white is big this Spring and Aubade delivers with Pois. Polka dots gravitating to and fro is the sexy backdrop for black embroidered lace. This cotton collection is the hottest thing to keep you cool this Spring!(I promise, Spring is coming, brrrrrr) If you love it like I do, you better hurry, its selling fast!

Introducing Madame V at Gigis Closet: Honeymoon Sweet

Who doesn't love one stop shopping, right? That's why when we made way for the fabulous Madame V, the ultra sexy European Lingerie Brand, I HAD to bring in selections from their Fantasy Collection. Presented in a petite white box with a matchbook opening, Honeymoon Sweet is a mini fantasy that includes everything you need, as far as lingerie goes, for a romantic evening. Made of sweet pink lace, there is an eyemask, 2 lace-up cuffs, a string thong and an adorable little garter. One size fits all makes Honeymoon Sweet perfect for gift giving.

Aubergine and Lime

Aubergine is hot this season and Elle MacPherson Distinction shows us why. The newest style from Elle MacPherson, this rich and sexy style adds a velvety luster to this satin and lace collection. Paired up with a cool lime, this season's special shade of deep purple puts a little distinction into your day.

New Lingerie from Free People

There is nothing like that thong that you can always count on for keeping away VPL(visible panty lines). Free People's Burnout Lace Thong disappears under clothing and stays put, comfortably, all day. And did you see how cute it is?!? Totally sexy, totally comfortable, and a little funky to bring out that Free spirit in us. Don't miss the matching underwire bra in the same leopard spotted burnout pattern(but doesn't look like an animal print).

Lingerie Lady: Carole Hochman carries Betsey Johnson Intimates and OnGossamer. Both on these lines are managed by Carole Hochman Design Group. I found this article about Carole Hochman in the March/April '08 issue of Pink Magazine. It is great to see pioneering women in the lingerie industry get credit. I thought it was interesting, so I decided to share. Article from Pink Magazine written by Kathryn Whitbourne.

In 1969, carole Hochman and 11 other fashion design students started internships at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City. "Everyone else got jobs in glamorous departments like evening gowns," Hochman recalls with a laugh, "while I got stuck in lingerie. I shed tears!"

That disappointment turned into her biggest opportunity. It started her on a course of designing lingerie under her own label and under license fir companies like Betsey Johnson, Ralph Lauren, Jockey and Oscar de la Renta. Today, as owner and creative director of Carole Hochman Design Group, she and her 180 employees ring up annual revenue of $160 million.

In the '60s, nightwear was billowy and demure. By the 1980s it had transitioned to silky and sexy. Yet Hochman was an untapped niche waiting to be filled. "I grew up wearing pajamas," she says. "I enjoyed designing the silky stuff, but that wasn't what I wore to bed. So I designed an all-cotton line. No one had done anything like that before." After Macy's placed an order for $250,000 in 1990, the new idea became a trend. "Now everyone does it," she says. Hochman attributes her company's success to being diversified. She is expanding the underwear section of her business, but she also notes that lingerie has morphed into lifestyle dressing. "Now, many women work at home and need clothes for that, or things to put on when they get home from the office," she says. "We address all these needs.

"Life is short. Wear pretty underwear.

Tip of the Day: DD and DDD Cups Are Also Labeled E and F Cups

You've measured, you've calculated and tried on several bras and you now know your correct bra size. Congratulations! While most American brands cup size ranges go A, B, C, D, DD, DDD, and so on, it is SOOOO important to note that many other brands have their own size ranges.
For example, Elle MacPherson Intimates bras range as follows: A, B, C, D, DD, E. So if you are a DDD cup you would buy an E cup in this brand. Most French brands like Aubade and Lejaby run A, B, C, D, E, F, G. So a DDD cup would be an F cup in their bras. DD cups would be an E cup.
So, here's a 'Good to Know' tip: if you are a DD or a DDD cup, also search for E and F cups. This will give you a more comprehensive search for bras that we offer in your size. You can always check our size chart that offers the size ranges for each brand to make sure you are purchasing the right sizes.

New Bra Solutions from Fashion Forms

New products from Fashion Forms keep pouring in at! Bra accessories to keep everything in its place make all our lives a little better. Peruse the wide selection of bra accessories like Comfy Shoulder, a silicone sleeve that cushions your bra strap, or the Soft Back Bra Extenders for when you're in between sizes or grew out of your favorite bra.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Free People Lingerie in Maui

Whether you're counting down the days to your Winter Getaway or have recently returned refreshed and renewed, keeping that island vibe going is the best therapy for warding off the Winter blues. Free People Maui Contour Bra is covered in a tropical Hawaiian print complete with palm trees, Hibiscus blooms and a water skiing lady. Printed cotton pointelle pairs with a little lace in a relaxed and comfortable fit. Match it with the Maui cotton pointelle bikini.

Frou Frou For Your Valentine

Valentines Day is coming up and while we may all celebrate this Hallmark holiday(as they say) a little differently than the next person, I think we all have room for a little love.
Despite all the naysayers who try to quash any lasting romance that may remain, Its hard to criticize a holiday that celebrates love. Haters aside, we all can benefit from taking some time to show our love and affection to those around us.

At Gigis Closet we like to celebrate with a little lingerie!

By far, one of the frilliest bits of lingerie we've had in recent times, Eberjey's Frou Frou Collection, comprising of Chemise, Camisole and Knickers, is undeniably cute and feminine without going overboard. So simple, so gorgeous, beautiful gauzy lace mesh is ruffled and gathered over a silky opaque knit. Elastic gathering at the neckline and bust line creates the soft flowing look, topped off with Mocha colored edge stitching on the ruffled edges.

New! Underpinnings from Goddess

We love Goddess for providing our foundation needs with reasonable prices and wide size ranges, from strapless bras to formal merrywidows. Speaking of sizes, all Goddess sizes ranges are not created equally. In their wide array of foundation products, they use a few different size ranges. For example, the Smooth Merrywidow comes in C, D, DD, DDD. While the Bridal Lace Bustier and Bridal Strapless Bra come in D,DD,F,FF. This is important to note, if you buy DDD cup, realize that this size may be labeled differently even from the same company!
Goddess Smooth MerryWidow is restocked and ready to ship! This smooth longline bustier with removeable garters provide great shape and support under your formal wear.
New underpinnings from Goddess have just arrived! Bridal Lace Bustieris a strapless low back(detachable straps are included) option with light boning in the cups and bustier to shape and support all cup sizes(34-48D,DD,F,FF). Pretty lace body and two inch elastic bottom band to anchor and support the bustier keeps a light feminine look.

Goddess Bridal Strapless Bra is satin and lace underwire strapless bra have light boning in the cups and the band for additional support. There's also a wide bottom band to help keep you in place. (34-48D,DD,F,FF)

Spanish Valentine, I Heart U, Free People

Introducing Free People at, we've got the hottest new collections just in time for Valentine's Day. Navy is big this season and I Heart U group in Navy Blue in Cotton pointelle is printed with polka dots and an adorable doilly motif. Leave it to Free Peopleto add that extra touch of personal handicraft. An adorable cotton crocheted heart shaped doilly appliqué sits in the center of every piece in this collection, including the Bralette and Ruffle Panty.