Friday, October 30, 2009

Lingerie By Body Shape

Let’s be honest. Not everyone can look perfect in each piece of lingerie put in front of them. Combine these tips on lingerie for your body shape with your own style preference, and you’ll be that much closer to finding a piece of lingerie that will make you feel unstoppable.

If you have (a/an):

Pear/ Triangle Shape

This means that you have a smaller upper body build. Babydolls flatter this body type the best because they are tight at top and loosen out at the bottom. If you are small chested, try a padded or push up one.

Inverted Pear/Triangle Shape

This is the exact opposite of the pear-shaped body. This means you have a larger upper body build. Your shoulders are a bit broader, while your hips are smaller. Chemises work well for this body shape because they tighten in around the hips, showing off that smaller bottom. Also, teddies work well because they already create a v-shape that accentuates the natural one made by the body.

Hourglass Shape

This body type is mostly equally proportioned on both top and bottom. This very feminine shape works well with a corset or bustier. Both cinch in the waist to accentuate that hourglass-figure even more.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Use Pink to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. About 192,370 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in America this year, which is why bringing breast cancer awareness to women (and men) is important. That's why Gigi's Closet just got a bit pinker for the month of October. Join the Pink for October campaign and show your support by turning your blog or website pink for the rest of the month. Not only that, get some pink lingerie to bring about more awareness this month. This pink babydoll or pink bra by Carol Malony will help show your support for the cause even more.

Visit the Susan G. Komen for the Cure website to learn more about breast cancer and how you can help the cause.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Gigi's Closet's DD+ Department Still Popular

Although Gigi’s recently redesigned its website, it still has its popular DD+ department. Many of the brands and designs that Gigi’s Closet offers are for bustier women because, unfortunately, not many stores or brands make larger cup sizes a priority. Brands like Elixir de lingerie, Elomi, Fantasie, Fayreform, Freya, and Goddess all offer cup sizes larger than a DD. So, if you have problems finding bras in your size, check out Gigi’s DD+ department or shop by brand.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Not In Defense of the Slip

A recent blog on The Lingerie Post got me thinking about the history of lingerie, especially its roles in society. While “In Defense of the Slip” defends the use of the slip in today’s society, I think this fashion trend has become quite outdated. Yes, women still wear dresses, and yes, some do wear slips under them. However, I’ve been wearing dresses my whole life, and not since I was eight have I put a slip on. None of the examples used in the blog made me rethink my decision either. Jean Harlow? Elizabeth Taylor? These are beautiful women that made quite an impression in the 1930s and ‘50s, but their use of slips doesn’t exactly encourage me to run out and buy one.

For me, slips remind me too much of my mother and her lingerie-according-to-Emily-Post-type thinking. My mother always told me it was inappropriate to wear a skirt or dress without a slip. Because I never got a straight answer whenever I questioned this “rule”, the idea of being “inappropriate” prevailed. My desire to rebel and the fact that I come from a generation where few people care about being appropriate anymore — and even fewer know the name Emily Post — deterred me from wearing slips under my clothes. In fact, I see women wearing just slips in public these days, and not much more. While I could never go that far, I do enjoy feeling dresses against my skin. It makes me feel free, sexy and a bit more rebellious, especially if I’m wearing a fancy bra and thong set. Of course, my mother never understood why anyone would wear a thong either. But that’s a whole different discussion.

What’s your opinion? Do you defend or not defend slips?

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Brand New Gigi's Closet

Gigi is finally cleaning up the closet. The online store recently redesigned its site and updated its entire inventory. The site is designed to make things easier on the customer, featuring newer ways to do product searches: by price, by title and even by customer reviews. There are newer products at Gigi's Closet as well, offering even more bras and nighties by your favorite brands. Look forward to more products in the upcoming weeks too, while continues to improve.

Don't forget that Gigi's Closet also offers free ground shipping on all orders.

Life is short. Wear pretty underwear.