Thursday, December 31, 2009

Start 2010 Off With Jenna Leigh

Start your new year off right with one of the new arrivals at Gigi's Closet. My personal favorites are the new matching bras and panties by Jenna Leigh. I can't get enough of those dark blues and purples that make these silky sets a must have for 2010. This 'Malawi' skirt with garters is just $114 at Gigi's Closet right now. Although it may be cold out, Gigi's will always keep you warm in the bedroom.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Days of the Week Panties are Back

I've never been a big fan of days of the week underwear, especially after watching When Harry Met Sally when Sally (Meg Ryan) explains that her boyfriend broke up with her over a never-made pair of "Sundays". The thought of a manufacturer not making them "because of God" — while part of the writing that made the movie so great — was too nerdy for me to bare. However, the set of 7 Mary Green silk boyshorts have changed my mind. Soft and sensual, these panties make days of the week sexy again. They also come in cotton. Get the "7 Ways to Say I Love You" bag of boyshort panties, and then you'll really be set for the mood.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Bra Sizing for the Digital Age

iPhones really do have everything! While I don't have one myself, I've caught many glimpses of my friends' while they whip theirs out to look up subway schedules or restaurants we want to go to or even tickets to concerts we want to purchase. Of course, they can be used for pretty much anything these days, but I'd never thought I'd say they now even have a bra sizing guide. While Gigi's Closet offers their own bra-fitting guide, this is another good source for finding your right bra size — in case you're ever in a bra-fitting crunch.
The new Bra-Fitter app gives you instructions on how to measure yourself, then takes your measurements and offers various bra size suggestions that correlate with them. As if that wasn't enough, it even allows you to convert your size to various countries' standards. And it offers images of how a decent fitting bra should look. All I can say to that is: What will they think of next?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Three Gigi's Closet Bras For The Holiday Season

Finding the right dress for holiday parties can be a difficult task, but finding the right bra can be an even bigger challenge. That's why I've gathered the three best bras to fit any holiday occasion — or outfit — this season.
  1. Simone Perele Velia Strapless Bra: This strapless bra stays put with a variety of strapless tops and gowns.
  2. Jezebel Women's Coco Demi Push-Up Bra: Don't worry about showing too much cleavage this holiday season because this demi push-up will allow for low cut tops and deep plunging necklines.
  3. Fantasie Smoothing Underwire Multiway Bra: Whether you have a racerback or a one strap top, this multiway bra will help solve any bra problem.
Now that you're outfit's figured out, you'll have more time to find the best gifts to bring to the party!