Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Lingerie Forum: Garter Gab

Lingerie Diva (a Gigi's Closet sister site) recently created the Garter Gab forum for the lingerie community to discuss their favorite lingerie-related topics. From how to wear corsets to finding your right bra size, Garter Gab is a great way to stay informed about lingerie from a widely diverse community. The forum is divided up into different sections: Lingerie Gab, Lingerie Needs and the Lingerie Industry. No matter what kind of embarrassing lingerie questions or inventive new lingerie designs you've come up with, the Garter Gab community is there to help you find your way in a fierce, but fabulous, industry. For future reference, the Garter Gab forum has a permanent link (to the right) on the Gigi's Closet Blog. Happy Gabbing!

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